Tuesday 28th April 2015 - Whistling, Outside and In, Unpleasant Wind and SNAP Meeting

We are whistling through 2015 and I feel like I should be saying ‘Hold on, slow down, wait!’ April seems to have whizzed past particularly quickly, maybe this is because we have had the kitchen refitted and new flooring laid, both of which broke our normal routine while work progressed. But whatever the reason, here we are with just a couple of days of April left and then May will be upon us.

So what has been going on in our lives over the past couple of days, well….I picked the last of the Purple Sprouting on Sunday and Peter has dug up the plants to make room for Beetroot, Spinach and Spring Onions seeds. We are getting good pickings from last year’s Spinach and Chard but it won’t be long now before the plants go to seed. The first Asparagus tips have pushed their way up and the Early Potatoes are also making a show above the soil. I have taken a risk with the tumbling Tomatoes and planted them in outdoor baskets. There is still a risk of frost, in fact there was one this morning in Northrepps, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that the sea will keep us warm and if we do have any more frosts this year they will be light. The other two varieties of Tomatoes that I have grown from seed will be planted in growbags in the greenhouse and any spare plants will go on the vegetable plot at a later date. I am hardening off the bedding plants, taking them out during day and then putting them back under glass overnight. There has been very little blossom compared to last year on our Greengage and Pear trees but with a good show from the Peach and Apple we are hoping they will produce fruits later in the year. Everything in the garden, apart from some slow germinating Pepper seeds, is progressing well. That just about covers outside. Indoors, Peter has been painting our ensuite bathroom, freshening it up after the winter months when inevitably spots of mould appear as a result of the levels of condensation.

Since Sunday there has been an unpleasant cold wind and instead of walking Barney in the morning with just a body warmer over our fleeces to keep the early morning chill at bay, I have needed gloves, scarf and jacket to keep me warm. Behind glass the sun and blue skies look so inviting but outside, unless in a sheltered spot, it is another matter. The outlook for the Bank Holiday weekend is not particularly good but we should see an upturn in the weather next week.

On Monday evening we attended the Poppyland Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel. A relatively quiet but interesting meeting where reports were provided on crime throughout the area. These ranged from theft of charity boxes, burglary from a business and robbery with assault. There was just one speed check in Overstrand in April; this was on the 5th on the Cromer Road where three verbal warnings one traffic offence report was made. Speeding and High Visibility Patrols were carried forward as Priorities for the next period plus a new and third Priority was set to cover Substance Induced Anti-Social Behaviour. Following the meeting in Trunch in March, the question of Town & Parish Councils funding PCSO’s was covered under Any Other Business. The general comment from Cromer Town Council’s Clerk was; with the District Council reducing certain services and expecting Town and Parish Councils to pick these up and cover the costs, any additional form of an increase in taxation through the precept was not acceptable. Without the provision of a concrete plan as to how the scheme would work it is difficult to comment but I do wonder if when a proposal is issued, the residents should be canvassed to gain their views as to whether an increase in their Council Tax to help fund a PCSO would be acceptable. This would be particularly appropriate for those Council’s that don’t have an elected Parish Council e.g. Overstrand, as it would ensure the villagers wishes are expressed and with their opinions the Council would be able to make an informed decision as to the best way forward. Our concern is, as the Police have got to make cuts in expenditure, that if the Town and Parish Councils do not provide funds then we could lose a PCSO (or two?).

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