Overstrand Life - Janet's Diaries

August 16th-31st 2010

Friday 20th August - A Full Week and Cromer Carnival

With our family staying this has been a full week for us, time for them to explore the coast, east and west as well as us all taking in events at the Cromer Carnival.
We had hoped to be able to eat outside a few times but after a BBQ lunch on Sunday the weather took a downturn, a strong wind whipped up, carrying on through the night, not easing until late Monday afternoon. By then it had knocked over pots and damaged our runner bean plants, burning leaves and young beans. Campers, on the Overstrand campsite on the cliff top in the village, bravely tackled folding and packing away their tents, they must have had a far from restful night and by mid morning only the hardiest souls remained. With temperatures down to 14°C we questioned ourselves as to whether this is really August and not November.

Tuesday, a distinct improvement but cloudy, we speculate as to whether the Red Arrows display will take place on Wednesday. The ‘gods’ were with us and after an uncertain start to Wednesday, by midday blue skies were the order and we were treated to a magnificent aeronautical display. However many times we see the Red Arrows they never fail to thrill and excite – brilliant. Unfortunately my attempts at photographing the display only resulted in some ‘impressive’ pictures of the sky!

Early evening we walked into Cromer town for the Carnival parade, a spectacular event with an amazing range of floats, bands and groups, 80 in all. My favourite was a massive imposing pirate ship, sponsored by a sound system company, unfortunately its sheer size prohibited a full photograph.

We were proud of Cromer, a small town, yet well capable of producing a week of varied events and we understand the second largest carnival in Europe, only surpassed by London’s Notting Hill – Well Done Cromer!  

Early Monday evening and its chucking it down! After an uncertain start with the weather at the beginning of last week, by Friday temperatures were up to 26°C with a welcome warm wind to cool, this continued over the weekend, just slightly cooler on Sunday but definitely beach weather. However, a severe weather warning was issued by the Met Office late Sunday morning, torrential rain followed by winds up to 60mph were due to sweep up from Cornwall, across the UK and due to arrive in Norfolk around 9 p.m. in the evening. I don’t know how the rest of the country fared but the rain did not arrive here on the coast until 3 a.m. Monday and cleared by mid morning, it was fairly steady, no torrential downpours, winds did follow but nowhere near 60 mph, we were thankful. During the afternoon we enjoyed sunshine but now have gone full circle – back to rain, currently hammering down.

Enough of the weather, apart to say my Light Sussex (white) chicken Cate, successful in laying a late afternoon egg went for a relaxing dust bath, one damp chicken (from the rain) and a bath of sieved earth and what do you have – a brown streaked chicken! So enjoying herself I could not bring myself to dissuade her from her bathing activities.

Thursday 26th August - Socialising and More Rain

Tuesday we drove to Sheringham, Barney was due for his regular six weekly clip. We left him in the capable and understanding hands of his groomer and seized the opportunity, treating ourselves to a full English Breakfast at one of the High Street cafes, this was followed by a stroll round the shops. Sheringham has a wealth of independent traders, as well as a few of the standard national High Street stalwarts, it’s quite easy to fill in the time before we collect Barney, all freshly bathed and trimmed.

It’s village Quiz Night on Tuesday and the Conservative Club was full of locals and visitors ready for the start at 8.30 p.m. This is a relaxed evening with plenty of opportunity to catch up with village friends, enjoy a drink from the bar and of course a bit of brain racking – now what was the name of the cat taken in to 10 Downing Street by Margaret Thatcher, got it, Humphrey and what are Cox, Worcester and Bramley all varieties of, that one is easier, Apples.

Thursday and we woke to hear rain, this has continued, with one short respite, all morning. The wind is driving in from the North East and looking out across the sea just a mass of grey clouds, so little chance of any change in the immediate future. I was out in the garden at 6.30 a.m., suitably attired in waterproofs, to move my chicken's run and coop to a fresh area of grass. The girls were somewhat more subdued this morning, normally they are quite vocal in expressing their desire to be out scratching for worms and grubs, they have spent most of the morning in the two covered areas of their run. I think we will forego the introduction of their afternoon dust bath after Monday’s episode, Cate still looks decidedly grubby.

We do feel so sorry for the campers on the cliff top campsite here in Overstrand. This site has no protection from the winds, an idyll when the weather is fine, with magnificent views out to sea and towards the golf course but once again the campers have become victim to some changeable and inclement weather. This morning tents buffeted once more, some looked extremely unstable and as earlier this month, by mid morning the field is virtually empty with only the hardiest souls remaining, of which there are very few.

Tuesday 31st August - Rain, Wind and a Bank Holiday

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