Tuesday 27th August 2013 - The Strand Club Update, Bank Holiday and Rescued Seal

On Tuesday morning there was a Seal pup up on the tide line. Usually seals will make their way back down to the sea when people approach but this one was going nowhere. It was very lethargic, underweight and flies were gathering on the blood on its rear flippers and tail. Together with our friends, four of us were able to bring it up to the Fishermen’s Green in a blanket sling and our friends took it to the Seal & Bird Rescue Trust at Ridlington near North Walsham. The centre thought the blood was probably due to Gulls pecking the pup and apart from being underweight and probably suffering from Herpes they thought it should make a full recovery. From the centre it will be transferred to the RSPCA specialised unit at East Winch and hopefully it will eventually be released back into its natural environment. As cute as Seals and their cubs may look; they can attack and should never be stroked plus dogs should be kept at a safe distance.

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