This summer we have continually been invaded by spiders. Not just inside but outside too, where our porch, windows and conservatory have been bedecked with webs and the surrounding areas splodged with their excrement. I have taken to checking the inside of the conservatory and porch daily for webs and there has yet to be a day when I haven’t had to remove webs that stick like candyfloss and when visible, moving the spiders outside.

Recently there have criticisms about the way members of the visiting public have treated the common/harbour seal pups which are coming up on the beaches. Many of these pups have been poorly; some were suffering from untreatable conditions and have been euthanized. The criticisms have included; people chasing seals back into the sea, where some have drowned, to crowding round them, which results in stress. But in defence of these visitors, they are probably not aware of how they should deal with a beached seal. This leads to the question of how can the public be made aware of the do's

Work continues on the sea defences, going east from the end of the promenade. Yesterday workers were on the beach at the west end, below the promenade. The beacons at the end of two of the groynes looked brighter, so maybe they had been painted or replaced.

We can see gradual changes in our garden. The flowers are not quite as profuse and the cooler nights have resulted in fewer runner beans. I say cooler nights but it is still warm enough to sleep without being completely covered by the bed clothes, sometimes it is just my feet that are under the blankets. Yesterday evening it remained warm enough for a group of us to sit on the benches outside the Sports Pavilion until around 10 p.m., while we enjoyed a drink and listened to the live music being played inside.

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