Following my email to Mrs Joan Mapperley, the Parish Clerk, (regarding her statement published the Parish Councils website and on the village noticeboards - see Diary entry dated Wednesday 12th December); the two entries on the Parish Council’s website has been updated and Mrs Mapperley has informed me the noticeboard copies will be changed when she next goes down to the village.

The White Horse in the village has an extremely good lunch offer at the moment – two dishes for the price of one. We have taken advantage of the December offer twice and on both occasions the dishes we have chosen have been excellent value.

The Cliff Top Café is now closed on Mondays and Tuesdays for the winter season but on Wednesdays and Thursdays there is a special Senior Citizen offer where a hot meal from the standard menu can be enjoyed for just £6.75. The café will be closed following New Year’s Day, re-opening on 6th February; providing Lorraine and her staff a well-earned rest - away from the kitchen and tables.

Boxing Day Swim

Sunday 23rd December - Delay, Squelch and Christmas Wishes

Just as we were leaving on Thursday evening for ‘Works Night Out’; the phone rang. It was our youngest son calling to let us know their flight to New Zealand had been delayed by twelve hours; one of the pilots was sick. It’s a long journey to their destination in New Zealand, stopping at Hong Kong to refuel and clean the plane before carrying on to Auckland and then another flight to Christchurch followed by a two hour drive. We were able to track their flights using the Flight Radar website, see Air Traffic Locator on the Links page and we will do so again when they return to the UK in about three weeks. As I said, a long journey but worth it for them to be with our son’s partners parents, family and friends over Christmas and into the New Year. There is of course the added bonus; its summer in New Zealand, with forecasts of warm and sunny weather, a total opposite to our recent overcast skies and rain.

I don’t like to ‘go on’ too much about the rain, especially as the counties in the west of England and parts of Wales are suffering from flooding and disruptions to the roads and rail service - but it is getting depressing. The ground is waterlogged and walking across the grass to my chickens on Saturday, the ground squelched beneath my feet. There are puddles along the lanes and each time we go out, the car returns splattered with mud. Barney is pretty well much the same – he comes back from his walks splattered too. Even when the rain stops the ground and roads are not drying out and the air remains damp. Along the beach and promenade streams are spouting out from the cliffs onto the sand and concrete and there have been a couple of minor slumps, bringing down clumps of earth and grass.

But enough of this gloom and doom – it’s Christmas; well almost and a distinct improvement in the weather today; dry and temperatures up to 12°C. With three social events this week in the lead up to Christmas; I am beginning to lose count of the number of glasses of wine that have been poured and placed before me - of course it would be rude not to drink them! Our conservatory is in total disruption with boxes of this and that, a bucket of greenery and things moved from the lounge to make way for seasonal items. Still at least it is out of sight and all will be back to normal in the New Year.

Well that’s about it until after Christmas but before I close; anyone who has struggled with sellotape when wrapping presents may well appreciate this short cartoon from the Simon’s Cat series titled Sticky Tape

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