Monday 9th December 2019 - Father Santa and Absolutely Horrible

Firstly and for the record, we both agreed, the cold lemon soufflé I made at the beginning of the month was not worth the time it took and all the washing up it created. Far better are the lemon mousse and the orange and lemon refrigerator cake (one of Delia Smith’s recipes) which I have made in the past.

Our Christmas cards are now written, some stamped ready to post whilst a smaller pile waits to be delivered round the village. Thanks to WhatsApp our family are easily able to keep us up to date with their arrangements for Christmas as well as our two grandsons’ mounting excitement and a visit to their village from Father Santa. Father Santa, a combination of Father Christmas and Santa Claus is the name our eldest grandson uses for that amazing white bearded, red robed old man who magically zips across the skies on his reindeer pulled sledge, visiting all the children across the globe during the course of the night of 25th December. Given all the problems Greater Anglia Trains are currently experiencing with their new £1.4 billion trains, maybe they should consult Father Santa with regard to providing reliable transport!

This morning the weather had been absolutely horrible. The wind gusted and the rain swirled round the garden, before finally thrashing against our windows. Thank goodness we now have concrete fence posts; otherwise I am sure we would have had a few broken posts to be repaired. It has been a morning to stay indoors but by the afternoon we were able to take Barney out for a short walk, during which it started to rain again.

Friday 13th December 2019 - Where Did I Get That? and Up a Tree

Monday’s winds died down and on Tuesday we were greeted with one of Overstrand’s beautiful sunrises. On Wednesday afternoon, I started to develop a sore throat, snored so loudly in the night I kept waking myself and Peter up and by Thursday morning I was in the full grips of a head cold. Now where did I get that from? There is usually a twenty four to seventy two hour incubation period for colds. On this basis, I can only assume it was someone in the Post Office on Monday who passed their cold on to me. It was very busy in the afternoon, with everyone having several transactions, not forgetting a group of students from Sidestrand School waiting to post their cards. Last night I combatted the snoring by having two pillows and today my nose is gradually getting sore and red – watch out Rudolph, you may have a bit of competition!

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