Overstrand Life - Janet's Diaries

Repair work to the sea defences at the east end of the promenade has resumed. I have mentioned before; previously when work commenced, it was halted when a worker was injured. Following this incident, a phone was installed at the bottom of the access road from Clifton Way providing a means of contacting emergency services but since then nothing has happened. However, work is now resuming with a large portion of the slump, (covering the greater part of the width of the access road below where the Overstrand Hotel stood), removed and dumped at the bottom. This has allowed passage for plant vehicles which are in a compound beneath the cliffs, along with piles of stout timbers. The first area under repair are the revetments at the bottom of the slipway.

Sunday 24th February 2013 - Dog Training, Picklingly Cold Wind, Sindohella and Accident on the Beach

Dog trainer Barbara Swarbrick talked at the WI meeting on Wednesday evening. Barbara works at Animal Magic who provide various training courses plus one to one home visits for dogs with specific problems. After explaining Animal Magic’s training ethos Barbara answered questions from members. Unfortunately there seems to be no cure for Barney’s penchant for rolling in dead and smelly ‘things’ on the beach – it’s what dogs do! Barbara rounded of her talk with a practical training demonstration with the help of a member’s dog; a very well behaved dog, she needed no coaxing to earn her treats.

There has been what I term as a picklingly cold wind over the past few days; just 12°C in our bedroom Saturday morning! It is a case of only going out if you need too and Cromer was virtually deserted on Saturday morning, when we went in to pick up some new curtains. Tides permitting, we like to take Barney onto the beach in the mornings but Fridays walk back with the east wind in our faces was unpleasant. Saturday, we did a road walk, relieved that the high tide and sea buffeting over the promenade had ‘excused’ us from the chill of a beach walk. Later in the morning snow flurries intensified and a thin layer covered the ground for an hour or so before it melted. Oh do come on Spring, everyone I speak to is ‘fed-up’ with these cold grey days!

Thursday 27th February 2013 - Stolen Vehicle, Birthday Party and Pork & Sausage Casserole

Villagers were shocked when a resident’s vehicle was stolen in the early hours of Tuesday morning. It seems incredible in such a quiet coastal village that a crime of this nature has happened. In a major town or city it is probably a daily occurrence but in Overstrand – No. It has shaken a number of people and I think everyone is wary now, with worries as to ‘what could happen next’. I guess we have to expect petty crime during the high season but certainly not vehicle theft; not at any time of the year. I have been told; the police believe it was a professional job and during Monday, a vehicle was seen cruising round the village slowing down and looking at parked cars. The message here is – Be Aware. If you feel you have any information that may be useful to the police investigations; please phone them on 101.

On Tuesday it was the Gardening Club’s Winter Lunch at the Northrepps Cottage Hotel. I forewent this as we had been invited to a friend’s Birthday Party in the evening at the White Horse in the village - there is no way I could eat two full meals and do them both justice! The Party was in the Barn where we had a very enjoyable evening with (as usual) imaginative well cooked and presented dishes and to round the evening off, Birthday Cake and Champagne.

Staying on the subject of food, I dug out an old a recipe of mine; Pork & Sausage Casserole. I have not cooked this for years; certainly not since we moved to Overstrand. It was a favourite of our youngest son and I must remember to ask him, when he comes up for the weekend with his partner, whether he ever made a note of the ingredients etc. or was it just a childhood favourite. I have formatted this simple recipe and included on my Recipe pages.

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