Overstrand Life - Janet's Diaries

February 1st - 15th 2013

Friday 1st February 2013 - Where has the Week Gone, Writing for Your Local, Mustard Online, New Blue Plaques Proposals and the WI Walk

A funny old week, not sure where all the time has gone but what with the usual day to day and week on week chores, shopping plus a clip for Barney and lunch out with friends and a trip to Norwich, the week has passed quickly. Equally quickly, we have said farewell to January and with just one more wintery month to go we should then see better weather and Spring. Already we are seeing Pigeons in courtship, clumps of snowdrops are in flower in our garden along with a solitary Iris.

I write articles for Your Local, the village newsletter produced by The White Horse and for the latest edition I chose to write about a Walk on the Beach. It was not until I was in ‘full flow’ on the keyboard that I fully appreciated how diverse our beach is. I could have written in more detail but I have to keep articles to a set number of words, so the article is concise. And to think, before we moved to ‘be beside the sea’ I thought the coastline only varied with the changing seasons.

Archant’s latest business venture (they are the company behind the Eastern Daily Press North Norfolk News, I-Witness etc.), is Mustard TV. Very much in its infancy (launched 31st January) it is too early to pass comment but it is certainly worth monitoring its development.

A new proposal put forward by Peter Stibbons of Poppyland Publishing is to introduce ‘Blue Plaques’ to Cromer. His proposal was put to the Cromer Town Council this week with the suggestions on North Norfolk News of local celebrities who could be included in the scheme. But why suggest Clement Scott? Too many try to jump on the Poppyland bandwagon. Clement Scott came to Overstrand, staying in the outskirts of the village, so if a blue plaque should go anywhere surely should be at the Mill House.

Our WI walk, postponed from last Friday, was again under threat, this week by rain. Reviewing various forecasts, it was a case of wait and see. In the end we set off across the cliffs to Cromer in light rain and gentle breezes with the idea if we were too wet when we reached the Lighthouse we would abort and return along the road. Fortunately the rain ceased and we enjoyed the full walk into Cromer, stopping at Bella Vista for refreshments and returning along the beach. I have to add; the Bella Vista serves a pretty mean scone – I was so full I could not eat lunch. I put together a crib sheet of various points on our route to add interest to the walk. While I was researching I discovered that back in the 1960’s the Pavilions in Cromer and West Runton plus the Olympia in Cromer were where all the up and coming Rock/Pop/Punk and Heavy Metal bands aspired to perform. The list of groups is lengthy but includes David Bowie, Sex Pistols (penultimate UK performance commemorated with a Blue Plaque), Iron Maiden, The Who etc…..

Monday 4th February 2013 - More Railings, New Fence at Cliff Top Cafe and Folk on the Pier

The railings encompassing the beach hut area has been increased. I understand this is to provide extra sites for new beach huts for those on the waiting list. These sites run east from the present huts; part of this area is prone to waterlogging and backs onto the cliffs. Further details about the regulations and applying for a hut plot etc. can be found on the NNDC website

Further west, work is in progress on the promenade, just past where the old public conveniences were located. There was a compressor thumping away on Monday morning with what sounded like a pneumatic drill. This is an area where algae builds up and where a local lady slipped and broke her wrist last year.

Sunday 10th February 2013 - Upholstery, Tonic and Southrepps Farmers Market

Our lounge suite has been re-upholstered and new dining chair pads made by Cromer based company, DG Smith. Their standard of workmanship is impressive. We chose the new fabric at home, from their comprehensive selection of materials, covering the full spectrum for subtle to bolds. Their premises, located in Middlebrook Way, provides a workshop and an area displaying a good range of recliners, tilt and lifts, sofas and sofa beds. It took just over two weeks for the work to be completed and no we did not have to sit on the floor during this time; to complete their service, they lent us a couple of fireside chairs. Barney is no longer allowed to sit on the settee; instead we bought him a bed for the lounge which he has taken to, without complaint. Poppy has a scratching post but we are still keeping our eyes on her – just in case she takes a fancy to our newly upholstered chairs.

The weather on Saturday was like a tonic and we took a leisurely walk on the beach in the sunshine with Barney. Unfortunately today we are back to wall to wall grey with showers and this afternoon, there is a cold wind. Looking at the forecast for the week ahead, it does not look as though it is going to get a lot better. There may be some sun on Wednesday and Friday but temperatures will not venture above 5°C. Since moving to Overstrand, we may have had colder winters but not as grey or wet as this - surely it must come to an end before too long.

This morning we drove to Southrepps along the main roads, avoiding the wet and muddy lanes, to the monthly Farmers Market. We returned home with Mr Kew’s pies and sausage rolls plus chocolate brownies, a fish pie, sausages, bread, a cauliflower and a pot of Iris. There were two new stallholders this month, one selling coffee and the other garden plants. The plants were very reasonably priced, with a good selection of potted bulbs; the Iris I bought were just £2 with some in flower and plenty more to come. So today following breakfast we have eaten Mr Kew’s sausage rolls for lunch, brownies with our ‘cup’ of tea this afternoon and we have a roast and Christmas pudding to follow this evening – well it is Sunday!

Wednesday 13th February 2013 - Shades of Grey, Walk Inland, Draft Book and Pot of Iris

It has certainly been ‘shades of grey’ here in Overstrand, with the sky various tones of grey and Tuesday morning there was a definite look of snow; fortunately just a few flakes fell. The sea is equally grey and looks particularly uninviting; with an accompanying cold east wind, we have not ventured onto the beach. At high tide, waves have cascaded over the promenade – ideal if you happen to fancy a cold shower!

We thought the muddy footpaths may have dried out, so Monday afternoon we took a walk with Barney up to Northrepps on the path that leads from the Cromer Road up past the old railway station. We were quite wrong and in several places, Peter carried Barney over stretches of track and path, otherwise he would have been up to his ‘elbows’ (Barney that is) in mud. The only people we saw were those walking their dogs and comments were exchanged in passing about the cold. It was around 1°C, so not that bad really but it was the keen wind that made it feel several degrees colder.

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