Overstrand Life - Janet's Diaries

January 16th - 31st 2013

Wednesday 16th January 2013 - Safely Home, Snow and Sub Zero Temperature

I think my policy of ‘keeping on the move’ has paid off. Coupled with the anti-inflammatories; my back is now only giving me minor discomfort. Not that I am going to push things too far just yet!

With snow in various parts of the country we had concerns as to whether our son and his partner’s return flight from New Zealand would be diverted but fortunately Heathrow was unaffected when they landed yesterday afternoon. On arrival in Auckland I warned them it was snowing here but by the time they stopped off at Hong Kong the snow had turned to rain and in between Hong Kong and Heathrow, the snow returned, plus temperatures dropped considerably. Regardless of jet lag they are both hitting the ground running and returning to work today, I daresay they were clothed in a number of layers when they set out this morning; a drop in temperature of over 20°C must have come as a shock.

Sunday 20th January 2013 - Meeting Cancelled, Well Gritted, Ice on the Lane and East Wind

Wednesday 23rd January 2013 - Thaw, 'Housekeeping' and WI Walk Postponed

The sound of dripping was most welcome when I went to open the chickens coop on Tuesday morning. The snow had started to thaw and proving there was a definite improvement in the weather; after their breakfast treat of rich tea biscuits Cate & Beckie emerged from their coop down into the run. Now that brings back childhood memories of eating biscuits in bed and then having to clean out the irritating crumbs from between the sheets – almost as bad as sand in your sandwiches! The thaw was short lived and there is still plenty of snow in the village.

Following Peter’s fall, we have not been walking far with Barney. Peter is slowly on the mend; I think it will be some weeks before he is fully recovered and we can start taking our usual longer walks. Thanks to everyone who has enquired after Peter, sent their best wishes and/or offered us help, if needed.

Regular readers will know, I don’t like wearing hats; regardless of the weather. I will, if it is raining, put up my hood but that’s all. At Peter’s insistence, this has changed; to protect my head if I should take a fall too. I have nothing suitable so I have borrowed one of Peter’s hats and maybe wearing it is not that bad but it won’t become a regular accessory!

I have put the extra time indoors to good use; ‘housekeeping’ on Overstrand Life. I have tidied, updated, checked and corrected, where necessary, the pages under Directories, as well as progressing a little further with the new Home page for the site. Despite keeping busy I have missed our walks and was looking forward to leading the WI walk to Cromer and back on Friday. With the weather forecast looking promising I had found plenty of information to impart en-route. I was quite sure we would be able to do the walk until fellow walks committee member phoned with news that the forecast had changed, it no longer looked good. Rather than put members at risk, we decided to postpone until next week. Instead we will meet for coffee and a chat at The White Horse – better safe than sorry.

Monday 28th January 2013 - Tapas, Sindohella, Harbour Porpoises and the W.I.

We chose a selection of dishes from the Tapas menu at The White Horse on Wednesday evening. We always enjoy this type of food; where a number of small dishes make up the meal. I guess, it reminds us of our trips to Greece where mezes are so popular. The dishes we chose included Rioja Potatoes, Paella, two Seafood dishes, Basque Ratatouille, and Pork and vegetable brochettes, these were followed by two sweets from the selection.

Rehearsals for the Pantomime, Sindohella were taking place in the Barn and after we had finished eating, I was fortunate to be able to pop in and take some photographs. There are still some weeks to go before the pantomime is staged (22nd February in the Parish Hall) but it was clearly taking shape. Everyone is taking the production seriously but at the same time they are enjoying themselves; running through their lines and acting their parts. There will be plenty of opportunity for audience participation and although this was not a dress rehearsal I was able to take a photo of one of the Ugly Sisters modelling ‘her’ dress, while other costumes were hung up at the back of the hall. All very impressive and I am glad we have bought our tickets - I have a feeling it is going to be a sell-out. Maybe this will be the first of what could become an annual village event. Before I carry on; the script for Sindohella is written and directed by resident Maggie Midgely, who has put a considerable amount of time into its production. The proceeds will go to the The White Horses Charity of the Year ‘Nelsons Journey’ and tickets are on sale in the pub and the village stores at £5 for adults and just 20p for children.

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