Tuesday 21st January 2020 - Not like January, Soggy Sid and Gloopy Cliff

The weather has been so pleasant, and unlike that which we usually expect in January, we have been spending time in the garden and, with the tide in our favour, taking morning walks on the beach. The protection for the potatoes is ready to be used and Peter has been putting in extra posts to support the windbreak round his vegetable plot. I have been doing various bits and pieces, including pruning the fruit trees, except the apricot which will be done in the spring. I use the word pruning loosely, as it has mainly involved reducing the heights, cutting out dead branches and those that cross over. I have ordered sticky bands to put round the trunks, which will later stop the bugs from making their way up into the foliage and fruits. The bands won’t, of course, stop flying bugs from doing their worst. I have also ordered fumigators and fly traps for the greenhouse. As we like to support local businesses, I did look at what was on offer at our village garden centre but they didn’t have what I needed.

We hadn’t been long in from the garden on Sunday afternoon when a rather soggy Sid presented himself at the conservatory door. He had fallen in the pond. Fortunately he had not suffered a full immersion; it was mainly his front end and back legs that were wet. He is absolutely fascinated with water and likes to stand on the pond edge, leaning right over, dipping in a paw, so the fact he fell in didn’t come as a surprise. Yesterday, while we were outside, we heard a splash but Sid was fine and dry. However, later I found one of the larger edging stones was missing, he must have dislodged this. As for its retrieval, this will have to wait until the warmer weather when I feel like rolling up my sleeves and groping around the bottom of the pond, not only for this large stone but other smaller ones which have gone missing.

Saturday 25th January 2020 - Primroses, Dog Poo and WI Planter

Instead of doing our usual weekly supermarket shop in Lidl and Morrisons on Thursday, this week we opted for Wednesday. I therefore, thought I would miss out on the trays of primroses which Lidl were advertising to be available from Thursday, but I didn’t. They must have had an early delivery so I was able to buy twenty plants for under £6 – that has to be a bargain. The weather has been so dull and grey I did not plant them until Friday. Surprisingly, once I was outside doing something, it wasn’t as bad as it looked from indoors and I ended up doing a few other things while Peter was putting in some ground stakes. Today we have been to the garden centre and purchased bags of potting compost, plant trays, a shrub, plus vegetable and flower seeds. Back home, Peter used some of the compost to cover the seed potatoes, planted in bags, and I put in the shrub.

Wednesday 29th January 2020 - Families Walking, Catkins and New Book Covers

Despite it being a grey day on Sunday, it was good to see families walking on the beach and getting a bit of fresh air, and maybe even having a conversation. Conversations, being something we are led to believe, are less frequent these days. This is since the introduction, and ease of access, of social media and online games etc.

Although the paths and tracks are still muddy, we walked inland on Monday afternoon. The last time we did this walk, the pussy willows were starting to break open. They have not progressed much further but the catkins are out, along with the first of the wild primroses and gorse flowers. It’s always good to have colour in the winter months and one of our indoor plants, a billbergia bromeliad, throws up flower spikes each January. This plant has a bit of history. We purchased it, about forty six years ago, from our local hardware shop. Since then I have split the bromeliad a number of times and removed the dead urns. What we have today is not the original plant but most of the urns are a good ten years old.

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