Monday 5th January 2015 - Back to Normal, Photo Project and Frosty Weather

With Christmas and New Year’s celebrations over, life returns to normal. Local schools restart tomorrow and most people will resume work this week; that is if they have not already done so. Once our children had grown up, I liked to take advantage of the quiet period in the office and return to work after Christmas. With most Clients still on holiday, telephone disturbance was minimal and it provided a great opportunity to catch up on those tasks which were not pressing but still needed addressing. Peter was less fortunate, working for a worldwide company he had to take a portion of his holiday over Christmas. He would dearly have loved to have taken the time when the days are longer and the weather better. But of course this is all in the past and basically we can now do what we like when we like!

Talking about tasks being ‘not pressing but still needed addressing’ brings me on to our photographs. These have amassed over the years and have been sorted by years and stored in boxes. That was until we had our first digital camera in 2003 when it was no longer necessary to have films printed and our photos were stored initially on CD’s and then later on DVD’s. Some years ago, during a particularly damp March, we made a start rationalising the contents of the boxes by throwing out those photos which were of poor quality and others which no longer held any meaning (the sort that leave you thinking – why did I take that?). Well, we did quite well and got as far as the end of 1990 and then the weather improved and the project got shelved and has remained ‘something that needs addressing’. That was until Saturday, when Peter suggested we tackled the rest and then put a selection on SD cards which, with his latest gadget, we can now view directly on our TV screen. We made a start on the sorting yesterday and completed three years from 1991-1993. It’s a slow job but there is only another nine years to go (I say that jokingly). Peter has already starting scanning onto an SD card and seeing our sons, holidays and various events on the TV screen makes it all worthwhile. One thing is for sure, with photos going back to 1977, its going to be a long project. It makes my annual sorting, deleting and naming of our photos for the year (1400+ in 2014) seem like a doddle!

We had overnight frosts on Friday and Saturday resulting in surface frozen puddles and icy road conditions. The gritting lorries have been out on the main roads and bus routes but the side roads, lanes and pavements remained untreated and first thing were quite slippery in places. My hen Cate is still in the moult, this is at a time when she needs all her feathers to keep her warm at night. Beckie is full feathered and looking in excellent condition for a chicken who will be six years old this year. Poppy has taken to spending more time indoors and likes to sleep at the end of our bed at night. She prefers to curl up near my feet which can be a nuisance when turning from side to side during the night. If disturbed, she takes time to resettle and the other night kept coming up the bed and tapping my face with her paw. Barney sleeps in his bed downstairs, with a couple of his soft toys keeping him company. Temperatures have been better today with no frost this morning. Providing it does not rain, there may be an opportunity for a bit of tidying in the garden over the next couple of days.

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