Friday 8th January 2016 - Pretty Quiet, Parish Council Meeting and Rain

It’s all been pretty quiet here over the past few days. There are virtually no visitors about; the weather has hardly been conducive to bring in walkers. Apart from taking Barney for walks, we have spent most of our days indoors which has given me the opportunity to check out all the website links on Overstrand Life; reinstating those that have ceased to connect. There are more holiday lets now, which I have included on the Accommodation page. I have to say I have mixed feelings about this increase as I feel as a community, we could do far more with a larger base of permanent residents. As well as updating my website, I have also edited our 2015 photos, reducing the total number from over 1400 to just over 700. These have now been titled and along with a folder devoted entirely to photos of our grandson, are ready to be backed up onto my external hard drive and an SD card. There are still more ‘to do’s’ before I can start on the publication of my Greek recipe book.

On Wednesday evening we attended the Parish Council meeting. The following are notes from the meeting:-

• There is still a problem with water coming down the Northrepps Road and accumulating at the junction with Cromer Road. Our County Councillor, Windham Northam, is taking this forward in the hope that a suggested simple low cost solution will be carried out by Highways Department.
• Sidestrand Parish Council are coming on board with Overstrand to create a Parish Plan.
• Work on the book ‘Overstrand in the Great War’ is progressing and Councillor Tim Bennett reported, it is hoped this will be published by the end of the summer
• Councillor Alan Page gave a report from the Street Light Working Party. The subject of street lighting will be looked into further and continue to be an ongoing topic.
• Amongst other things in her report, District Councillor Angie Fitch-Tillett, reported that it has been proposed to locate gabions on the cliff between the two slipways i.e. above the fishing boats. She also mentioned about the recent postings on Street Life in connection with the slippage on the access road at the east end of the promenade. An engineer has been out to inspect the area and it has been decided to leave it as stands - removal of the toe may result in a larger and more significant slump with considerable ramifications.
• There was discussion regarding the application to change certain conditions in the outline planning permission for the development of 42 dwellings on the Mundesley Road. There were no objections as such but it was suggested that the Clerk, on behalf of the Parish Council, should express disappointment over the proposed reduction of the social housing element from 50% to 20%. During the open part of the meeting, I informed Council that the period for lodging comments closed the day following the meeting i.e. Thursday 7th January. However, when I looked at the application today, no comments have been posted.
• The subject of the Ronnie Cork Memorial once again came under discussion along with the movement of the Mundesley Road phone box. There was a suggestion that the memorial should be used for walking information. I am totally opposed to this – it is a memorial to Ronnie Cork (a village character, a fisherman and builder) and should be used as such and not as a visitor information point.

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