Sunday 5th January 2020 - BBQ and Soup

Thursday 9th January 2020 - Cliff Fall, Sky on Fire, Sell by Dates and Germination

During Monday night there was a massive cliff fall at Trimmingham, leaving static caravans in precarious positions on the cliff top. It has been reported, the area lost is equivalent to two football pitches. The photo I have included here was taken by BlueSky UAV specialists and published on North Norfolk News’s website and shows the full extent of the fall. The Coastguard has warned people to keep away and not try to cross the slumped material. Vale Road has been closed temporarily, as a precautionary measure, but no doubt there will be those who will not keep away. We have been monitoring the cliffs here, as we walk west in the Cromer direction. There have been a number of small slips and although our cliffs are more robust than those at Trimmingham, there is no scope for complacency and walkers should avoid the bottom of the cliffs, as well as getting too close to the edge when walking along the top of the cliffs.

I knew, from the glow in the sky, when we opened the curtains and pulled the blinds on Tuesday morning, that I should take my camera when we took Barney out for his walk. As the sun rose, the sky was ablaze. Such natural beauty, almost takes your breath away. The display lasted several minutes before it started to fade and the clouds took on a paler tone.

Monday 13th January 2020 - Violets, Potatoes and Seaweed

The group of violet plants, at the bottom of our garden, are blooming, as are the ones on the footpath leading from the church. They usually follow on after our snowdrops, so are particularly early this year. So far we have just one snowdrop flower but I can see plenty more starting to push their way up.

Peter had mixed success with the potatoes he grew in bags, to eat over Christmas and the New Year. Of the three bags, the third yielded the most. The tubers weren't very big but did provide a few meals. I will use the last of them later in the week to make a potato salad. We purchased a bag of Foremost, first early seed potatoes, from the garden centre yesterday. Some of these Peter is chitting ready to plant in the potato bags, the rest have been put in the bottom of the fridge. This should hold the shoots back so they can be planted in the ground in a couple of months. The plan is, to provide the bags with protection from the cold and winds and to this end; Peter has purchased a polythene covered frame to grow them under. With a bit of luck, we will have new potatoes at Easter.

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