Saturday 27th July 2013 - Life in July, Seawatch and Triathalon

I like to give the chickens coop a thorough clean and hosing inside and out at some point, during the summer. Saturday looked to be a good day with warm sun first thing and little probability of either Beckie or Cate wanting to lay an egg. All started well with the hens isolated in their run, I detached the coop and soon completed the cleaning but unfortunately a sea fret blew in, slowing the drying process. By lunch time, Beckie who has not laid an egg since the end of June, started displaying signs (what I term as her ‘egg dance’) of needing a nest box. Dry or not, I filled the nest box with straw and the roosting area with wood shavings and opened the pop hole, allowing her access. One happy Beckie swiftly went up the ramp, through the pop hole and settled on the nest and when we returned from walking Barney there was a brown egg in the box. Just goes to show things do not always go the way we predict.

The sea frets reduced visibility for today’s Seawatch; at the east end of the promenade. We went along and met Carl Chapman, Regional Seawatch Foundation Coordinator and Norfolk Cetacean Recorder. He was sat at the edge of the slip road, which gave him the height needed to look out across the sea. At the side a board displayed a list of sea birds seen but unfortunately no Cetaceans had been spotted although to the delight of those passing, a seal had swum along the coast, close in to

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