Monday 8th July 2015 - Broadband Finale, 31ºC, Hens, 'Cliffhanger' and Overflowing Dog Bins

Peter has finally given up with our Broadband provider. In just over a week we are moving to an alternative ISP. It beggars belief that the large company we have used for over ten years can treat us and other customers in Overstrand the way they have. Peter’s request to our current ISP to inform other users in Overstrand that they are no longer prepared to support them, by providing additional equipment in the exchange, has been ignored. Peter has spoken to Ofcom and the Communications Ombudsman but they are unable to make our ISP contact existing Overstrand customers. We asked our existing provider to send the amount of compensation they offered to one of our favourite charities and since then we have heard absolutely nothing. What an absolute shower! They say and I firmly believe this is true, that the best form of marketing is word of mouth. Well they are not getting positive comments from us; instead we are spreading the word to friends and relations within and outside the village that this company is absolute rubbish!

On Saturday the temperatures climbed steadily throughout the morning, peaking at 31ºC in the afternoon. There was a steady flow of people on their way to the beach both on foot and in cars. I spent time in the garden in the morning having a general tidy but by noon decided you can have too much of a good thing and went indoors. It was too hot for Barney’s afternoon walk and if we had tried to take him out he would have just flopped in the first area of shade and refused to move. We made it up to him on Sunday morning, walking up to the outskirts of Northrepps and letting him have a run round the edges of the fields. It was a time to enjoy the birdsong, mainly Skylarks and listen to the bees and insects as well as looking at freshly opened wild flower blooms. Later in the morning clouds blew in, followed by some much welcomed rain. With the moisture and warm temperatures, we are bound to see a growth spurt on the Peter’s vegetable plot. The farmers have been irrigating the fields and will no doubt have welcomed the rain too. By mid-afternoon the rain clouds had blown over and we were back to sun, blue skies and few white clouds.

To explain; I mentioned in my last diary entry, my maran hen Beckie has been out of sorts. Over the past days she has not got any worse but has not got any better either. When I shut them in on Wednesday evening I felt all was not well and this was confirmed on Thursday morning when Beckie did not come down out of the coop into the run. I decided to leave her until after we came back from dropping off the bat equipment at Sheringham Park. By the time we returned, she had come down from the coop but subsequently must have had a fit or seizure and lay dead in the run. Some may say; it’s only a chicken but she was a pet too and full of character. Often aloof, she was the quieter of my two hens but quick to chastise Cate if she made too much noise and she always amused me when she did what I termed, ‘the egg dance’. When her black feathers caught the rays of the sun they were tinged with green giving lustre to her plumage. But as her body lay there lifeless in the run, Beckie had gone, when life had left her it

Tuesday 14th July 2015 - Shakespeare on the Field, Yard Sale and Strand Club Calendar

After my last entry, I have a couple of happier events to cover; starting with Shakespeare on the Sports Field. Strange Fascination Theatre will be presenting Shakespeare’s Midsummers Night Dream from 25th – 29th August between 7.30-9.30p.m., plus there will be a matinee performance on Saturday 29th starting at 2.30p.m. Tickets can be purchased on line from Eventbrite . As I hear more, I will include information here and on Overstrand Life’s Facebook page. After having to read, analyse and watch performances of Shakespeare’s plays in my school days it has put me off the bard. I am not a Shakespeare fan but as Strange Fascination will be performing one of his comedies, we will definitely be buying tickets.

The village Yard Sale was a huge success on Sunday. The day started damp with drizzle but by the time the ‘yards’ were open at 10 a.m. the sky looked brighter. I was helping with our WI yard sale; trade was brisk in the morning and we soon saw spaces on the tables which had previously been crammed with items. The afternoon was quieter and following a cloud burst we thought everyone would go home but no, buyers continued to filter through until about 3p.m. when we decided to pack away. Our Treasurer was soon adding up the proceeds from the day; a very impressive total that will be a welcome boost our funds.

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