Overstrand Life - Janet's Diaries

June 16th - 30th 2016

Wednesday 22nd June 2016 - WI Walk, Wedding, Overstrand Together, Strawberry Moon and The Referendum

After a week away from my Diaries, I’ll resume with our June WI meeting last Wednesday evening. Keeping with tradition, the main part of the evening was dedicated to a walk in the immediate area. There was a short quiz of ten questions, encouraging us to keep our eyes open as we strolled along the roads and paths. Back at the Parish Hall there were strawberries, cream, meringues and shortbread to be enjoyed. Our local advisor, Coral Batchelor joined the meeting, updating us on how the National Annual Meeting in Brighton had panned out. Those of us on Twitter would have seen that both resolutions, covering food waste and appropriate care for those in hospital who are suffering from dementia, were carried with majority votes. These resolutions will now form the basis of two new NFWI campaigns.

There is little more moving than two people publicly declaring their love for each other and taking vows for their future, in the marriage ceremony. Especially so, when one of those two people is your child, even though technically speaking they are no longer a child. This was how it was for us on Saturday when we witnessed, along with family and friends, our youngest son and his fiancé, (who we have known and loved for some years), exchange promises that will bind them together for the rest of their lives. It was an emotional ceremony, followed by a wonderful celebration lasting almost twelve hours. As this was a very personal event in our lives, this is all I am going to say here; apart from, it was a perfect day which also evoked memories and our eldest son and his wife’s wedding and of course, the day when Peter and I said ‘I do’.

As we were away, we missed the village Open Gardens. However, I have heard reports that, despite there not being as many people attending as in 2012, it was an enjoyable and successful day. At the Overstrand Together meeting yesterday evening it was reported that before expenses, the event raised £1,177. This is down on 2012, reflecting the reduction in numbers but it is still a welcome amount that will be added to the profits from other village events during the year.

The longest day, which we normally associate with the 21st June, fell on Monday 20th this year, along with a ‘strawberry’ moon. The last time the summer solstice coincided with a 'strawberry' moon was in 1967 but despite the name, the moon does not appear pink or red but may glow amber in colour. But why is it called a ‘strawberry’ moon? This goes back to the early North American tribes who linked the full moon in June to the beginning of the strawberry picking season. If, like us, you missed Monday’s ‘strawberry’ moon then you will have to wait another forty six years for the next one!

I don’t tend to write about national and global matters but I cannot fail to mention tomorrow’s UK referendum when a vote will be taken on whether we remain or leave the EU (European Union). Whatever the result, I believe that from Friday, the UK will not be the same UK we are living in today.

Sunday 26th June 2016 - New Boiler, Deluge, The Referendum and Muntjac Deer

After some months, managing with a temperamental central heating boiler, on Thursday a local engineer came to install a replacement. By Friday lunchtime, we had a fully functioning boiler and can have hot water throughout the day, without having to have the boiler running constantly to achieve this. We were not sure whether we would have hot water in Thursday evening (we did) so booked for dinner at The Sea Marge but around six the heavens opened with the deluge flooding our back lawn and part of the front drive. With a table booked for 7.30 p.m. and rain still falling heavily at 7.10 p.m. it was obvious if we tried to walk into the village we were going to get soaked. I went out to shut my chicken, Cate, in for the night and despite wearing a jacket I got soaked. A change of clothing later, Peter phoned the Sea Marge who moved our booking on to 8 p.m. Still the rain fell and in the end we postponed until Friday. Instead of eating out, we had our usual fall back in these situations – pasta – and as hot water was available we were able to do the resulting washing up without boiling kettles of water.

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