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Overstrand Life - Janet's Diaries

June 16th - 30th 2019

Thursday 20th June 2019 – Farewell, a Village in Turmoil and Butterflies

What an amazing turnout of villagers, friends and relatives at Olive Thurston’s funeral on Tuesday. The chapel at Cromer crematorium was full with all seats taken, the aisles jam-packed and as a result, some had to stand outside. Olive’s husband, Bob, must have been overwhelmed to see so many come to say their final farewell to his much loved wife. Not only is this an example of how loved and respected Olive was, but also how a village comes together to show their reverence, at times such as this.

If we need another example of the villagers coming together, then currently this has to be the number of objections lodged against the planning application, which if approved will radically change the look of the Cliff Top Café (22 Cliff Road). The number of objections lodged with North Norfolk District Council, against the proposed flat roof extension to provide a studio flat, is increasing day by day. Objections are not just from villagers but from outsiders too. The only way to find out when a planning application is submitted is by either regularly checking the weekly lists on NNDC’s website or monitoring the Parish Council’s Agendas. Therefore, it is very likely, those with second homes are totally unaware of the proposed changes to the café but I hope those who have heard will make their representations, either for or against this major change to the streetscape in the village’s conservation area. One objector has summed the situation up well by describing Overstrand as ‘a village in turmoil’.

Monday 24th June 2019 – Pavilion Bar, Vegetables, Yard Sale and Midsummers Day

Villagers, spanning various ages, enjoyed an evening of chatting and socialising at the Sports Club on Friday evening. We joined a group who were sat outside, until the temperature dropped when we all retreated into the Pavilion. I had my bat detector with me, which I used on our way home. Just two bats around, one a common pipistrelle and the other possibly a barbastelle. Now I know there are bats in this area, (there weren’t any last year) I will take my recorder and couple this up to the detector. This way I will be able to listen again at home and try to make a more positive identification.

We have both been keenly watching the progress and development of the vegetables on Peter’s plot. On Saturday we enjoyed the first of the broad beans and carrots along with some of the potatoes, dug a couple of days before. They all went perfectly with the lamb chops Peter barbequed. On Sunday evening we ate Greek Yiouvetsi with some baby parsnips and probably, now the season has virtually finished, the last of the asparagus. This was followed by raspberries with homemade ice-cream. You really can’t beat the flavour of home grown produce.

Friday 28th June 2019 – Warm to Cold and WI Trip to Horning

Monday may have held promises of warm days to come but these did not come to fruition. In fact, it has been cold, and rain on Tuesday morning resulted in me drying most of the washing in the tumble drier.

I hoped the weather would improve for our WI trip on Wednesday, but it didn’t. A group of members along with friends set off from the village, on a chilly cloudy morning, to Horning. Our driver was using the coach’s satnav and what was probably indicated as the shortest route, ended up as being a tour of the lanes, some of which were extremely narrow. After passing the mobile library on three occasions we eventually arrived in the village of Horning in plenty of time to board the Southern Comfort Mississippi Paddle Boat for a leisurely cruise down the River Bure. There was plenty of room for everyone to spread out and the bar provided us with hot drinks to take off the chill. Initially we passed thatched and quaint houses as well as other less attractive properties, which had been extended in hotchpotch fashion with enclosed balconies supported on stilts. Further on, the river bank was bordered with reeds, small marinas and boat yards. We left the river briefly and entered the Ranworth Broad and this is where we turned for the return journey. Throughout the cruise, there was an excellent commentary and whenever there was any wildlife to be seen this was pointed out. The main things of note were marsh harriers and herons. Unfortunately the otters, which frequent this part of the river, did not make an appearance. Some of us braved sitting outside but not for the entire journey. Returning to Horning we went in search of lunch, all finding somewhere which provided us with what we wanted, either a full lunch or a snack, and considering this is a very touristy village, at a very reasonable cost. As it was cold, and not the sort of weather for lingering, after lunch the decision was made to come home. Our driver ignored the satnav and we headed straight back to the outskirts of Wroxham and onto the main roads back to Overstrand. It was an enjoyable outing and even though the weather was not fantastic – at least it did not rain!

Since then, temperatures have remained below the seasonal norm. On Wednesday evening we resorted to turning on the heating and instead of having the windows partly open at night, so we can hear the early morning birdsong and putting of the fishing boats, these have been firmly closed. However, we have been promised a warm weekend and on the basis of this, we have meats etc. ready to be barbequed.

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