Overstrand Life - Janet's Diaries

June 1st - 15th 2016

Wednesday 1st June 2016 - Diabolical, Greek Recipes and Seal & Sea Bird Information Sessions

Well what can I say - the weather has been absolutely diabolical! Monday was windy and cold, Tuesday it rained all morning and today, although the winds are not so feisty and so far, we have only had a couple of showers; it’s grey and miserable. Temperatures are in the low teens but with the winds, it feels much colder and I know we needed the rain but really – so much over a short period. It was the rain that woke me at around 3.30 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Coming from the north it was lashing against our bedroom window and as a result I was only able to doze until we got up.

All this is not good for school half-term and those who are on holiday here on the coast. Of course there are plenty of indoor attractions such as museums and National Trust properties. Judging by the amount of traffic on the A140, just after the airport plus radio reports of traffic build up and no parking places left in Norwich, I imagine there were a good number heading into the city. I had an appointment for a CT scan, (a follow-up check, after the removal of the tumour on my right kidney almost two years ago) at Norfolk & Norwich Hospital but by taking a back route, we were able to avoid the ring road and the hold ups. On our way back we did meet some congestion but by that time, people were heading home from work. Construction work has commenced on the outer city ring road. It is difficult to see exactly where it will be going but there are a lot of excavations near the roundabout, approaching the airport from the Cromer direction. Is this road a good or bad thing? I suppose it all depends on your point of view.

Sunday 5th June 2016 - Parish Council Meeting, Diamond Back Moth, Improvement and New Laptop

For the second month running, there is nothing really to report about our monthly Parish Council Meeting. All the items on this month’s agenda were pretty well run of the mill, except for the parking near the school. Recently the lollypop lady was knocked down and although nothing has been confirmed, it is thought this was down to the location of parked cars rather than a speeding issue. Our Chairman, Bruce Stratton will be liaising with the Belfry School’s headmaster, Titus Cotton, to see if there is a possible solution to the problem. It’s always difficult to take over a role that has been held for some time and in this case it was Mrs Joan Mapperley who had been our parish clerk for over ten years until her retirement at the end of April. However, there need be no cause for concern as our new clerk, Mrs June White, has demonstrated that not only is she well conversant in the procedures and regulations that Parish Councils have to abide by but is also efficient, pro-active and well organised.

There have been a number, well thousands actually, of very small grey moths about. Every time we brush past grasses or touch a plant, a cloud has ascended. None of them stay still long enough for me to photograph or see if they have any strong markings. I felt sure, our local wildlife expert Carl Chapman would be able to identify them and yes he did; they’re Diamond Back Moths and he was able to take a photograph of one which he posted on his blog Letter from Norfolk. They originate from the Continent and were presumably blown over on the recent winds. As they eat brassicas, they are not good news for gardeners and farmers. Fortunately for us, the only thing currently growing on Peter’s vegetable plot, in the brassica family, are radishes.

Wednesday 15th June 2016 - Ordinary, Orchids and Open Gardens

Not a lot to say today. The start to our week has been pretty uneventful and ordinary. We have enjoyed walks on the beach and across the fields, I have done the housework and Peter has valeted the car and replaced a piece of wood in the garden that had rotted. The only thing left to do now is to mow the lawns. There was no way we could do this yesterday afternoon; there was such a downpour which resulted in pools on the back lawn and part of the vegetable plot was flooded. Most of the tender plants seemed to have survived the deluge although the mimulus may take time to straighten up. On the plus side, our water butts are full again.

I have included a couple of photographs of flowers in our garden plus one of an orchid. Orchids are readily available to buy in both garden centres and supermarkets. It is therefore, a great shame that some people find it necessary to pick the wild ones! The most popular orchids in supermarkets are the Phalaenopsis type. They flower for a number of weeks and as such, are excellent value for money. Once all the flowers have fallen, I trim the stem to just above the next healthy node which encourages a further spike of flowers to form. I have three types of orchids, Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium and Odontoglossum, all of which add colour to our home with their stunning blooms.

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