Overstrand Life - Janet's Diaries

March 16th - 31st 2013

Sunday 17th March 2013 - Reading, English Curry, Speeding in the Village and Code of Conduct

I am a self-confessed slow reader. This is basically down to the fact that I rarely read during the day and only open the covers of a book when I am beneath the covers of our bed. This can have two results, either the book fails to grip me and I fall asleep or it is so riveting I have to make a conscious effort to put it down, otherwise I would still be reading into the early hours of the morning. A riveting read for me has been ‘An Adventure’ by Artemis Cooper. This is a biography about Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor, who was more commonly known or referred to as Paddy. Paddy has for some years been a hero of mine and it was with an element of trepidation that I started to read about his life. The pages revealed some unknown aspects of his long and full lifetime but it failed to portray the basic ‘day to day’ Paddy but then maybe this was intentional. I am probably left with as many questions, albeit different ones, as I had before I read the book. One question I have asked myself is ‘If I had met him, would I have liked him?’ I believe the answer would depend on when and where. In his earlier years with a group of friends rowdy, drinking and singing then I think I would have ‘looked down my nose’ at him, in much the same way as I have here and abroad when a raucous group have shown little consideration for others and their behaviour has been less than anything to be proud of. On the other hand, if we had stumbled upon him when he was living in Kalamitsi (on the outskirts of Kardamyli in the Peloponnese in Greece) when we were walking in the area in 2006, I think I would have liked him; by then he was a mellow old man. I remain in total admiration of his feats and accomplishments and fully understand; when others have not, why it took him so long to finish writing a book (my book has finally gone to the printers – warts and all!). However, I agree with Peter Lewis of Mail Online who said in his review of An Adventure ‘Joan, (his wife) it seems to me, is the real hero of this book.’

When we were speaking on the phone a few weeks ago to our eldest son, he asked if maybe one time when they are up for a visit; could I cook what we termed as English Chicken Curry. This was a dish I picked up from my Mum who cooked it long before curries became as popular as they are today. I don’t know where the recipe originated from (I must ask her) but some years later it came to be called ‘English’ because it incorporates mango chutney, apples and sultanas and was not considered to be authentically Indian. I have never written the recipe down, like so many others it is in my head; this is one of the reasons why my recipe book has taken so long to come to fruition. Anyway, Saturday morning I set to and cooked ‘English Curry’ plus a vegetarian version for his fiancée and both are now in the freezer ready for when they come to visit over Easter. While I was cooking, I made a note of the ingredients, quantities and method. I have now formatted the recipe and included it on my recipes pages.

Peter has received a response to his communication to Norman Lamb about speeding along the Cromer and Mundesley Roads. This is being progressed by Norman Lamb’s Office Manager who has sent a letter to the Director of Environment, Transport and Development at Norfolk County Council with Peter’s concerns. Of course it is not just Peter who has concerns. A number of other residents have complained about the speed at which vehicles are driven along this stretch of road but nobody seems to want to listen, not even the Police. Maybe it will take a major accident before anything happens!

The draft minutes covering NNDC Standards Committee’s investigation, into a complaint about the conduct of two members of the Parish Council have been published. An extract can be found on Overstrand Onlines website under the blog entry for Friday 15th March. Overstrand Online is not just a blog; it is the History site for the village and contains a wealth of information, all of which has been researched and verified over the years by local historian Mr. Terence Richards and his Wife. It is this site I refer people to, when they ask about our village’s past.

Wednesday 20th March 2013 - Links. First Day of Spring and Worlkd War II Day

Here are a few interesting websites I have picked up which may be of interest. The first two came from the Councils Outlook magazine and are for those who are looking to find a new home for an item which may be of use to someone else or who are looking for something in particular; both sites are based on everything being for free. Firstly there is Freegle which covers Norfolk and Waveney and the second is Freecyle which is a worldwide site but there is no need to wade through everything between the North and South Poles, you simply select your preferred area and take it from there.

Another is a Fishing Survey which is not just for fishermen but also seeks the opinions of those who live in coastal areas (they will also take feedback from those who live further inland). It took me a little longer than the suggested 15 minutes but then I did spend time thinking about each question and if you find it is taking longer than anticipated, you can save the survey part way through and return later.

The final link is to a poll on the EDP (Eastern Daily Press) website, for the campaign to impose 20mph speed limits on roads outside all schools in the county. A great idea as long as it is enforced, which as we all know is not always the case when it comes to speed limits.

The tank, mentioned earlier this month, behind the revetments to the east end of the beach, has been removed. Currently it is near the enclosure above the promenade and in this position cannot damage the revetments. Previously, at high tides with accompanying strong winds, it has freely moved back and forth with the surges, bashing into the back of the revetments. Talking to a couple of residents who have lived in the village longer than us; the tank was at one point above the promenade (where it is currently located) but a storm moved it across to behind the revetments where it has remained for several years. With this in mind, we hope the tank will be transported away from the area otherwise all it could take is a storm and the tank could be back behind the revetments again.

Wednesday 27th March 2013 - Surprise Egg, Wild Birds and A Happy Easter

Wonderful surprise on Tuesday, I opened the chickens coop and there in the nest box; an egg. Judging by the colour of the shell it was Beckie’s. Since then she has been decidedly quiet, not that she is noisy vocally, certainly not compared to Cate who always seems to have something to say when I go out in the garden. Beckie remains quiet, sitting around a lot, but she is eating well so no real cause for concern.

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