Overstrand Life - Janet's Diaries

March 16th - 31st 2016

Thursday 17th March 2016 - Mundesley Coastwatch, About my Books and Publicity and The Strand Club

Two Watchkeepers from Mundesley Coastwatch came to give us a talk at our WI meeting on Wednesday evening. I had no idea what was involved in being a Watchkeeper; I assumed these volunteers just kept a look out to sea using binoculars, reporting any unusual activity. However, their job involves a whole lot more, starting with training on how to use radar, weather instrumentation, VHF radios as well as binoculars, telescopes and charts. Once qualified; Watchkeepers normally commit to around four hours a week, which is spent in the Watch House, located above the Mundesley Maritime Museum, on Beach Road. Here they monitor, identify and log sea vessels as well as keeping an eye on bathers. Mundesley Coastwatch is completely self-funding, relying on donations and fundraising to cover costs.

We are having new carpet laid in our study cum guest bedroom this morning, so I am sitting writing this in our lounge, surrounded by the contents of the room. The fitter is due any time now and when he has laid the new carpet and everything is back in its place, Peter will start thinking about decorating our lounge/dining room. Currently there are stacks of books round our dining table, I am surprised our bookcase holds so many and I am considering, but only considering, counting them when I put them back on the shelves. Talking of books and with little happening in the village, I am going to devote the next paragraph to my books.

Sunday 20th March 2016 - Decorating, Spring Cleaning and Morning Walk

The new carpet has been fitted to our study cum guest room and very nice it looks too. I emptied the sideboard, took down pictures and moved small items of furniture out of our lounge on Friday afternoon, ready for Peter to start decorating on Saturday. Unfortunately the days have been grey which means light levels have been low, so Peter has been wearing a head torch to help illuminate the area he is painting. As it was drizzling most of Saturday, I spent a good deal of time indoors looking into marketing my books and working on the second short story for my next book. I was making good headway with the writing when I had a thought of how I could differentiate between the present and the past using either italics or different fonts. As past and present intermingle in some of the paragraphs this will involve an element of re-writing and probably the best way forward is to get the story tapped out on my laptop and then go back and differentiate.

The weather today has been far better and before Peter carried on with the decorating and I started spring-cleaning the laundry room, we took a walk with Barney across the fields. With nest building and pairing underway there is a great variety of birdsong to be heard in the quiet of early morning. Not just the wild birds singing but a hen letting us know she had just laid an egg, a couple of cockerels crowing, as well as a woodpecker tapping. We startled a roe deer and watched a couple of cock pheasants on the field adjacent to the allotments. Rabbits were scampering on the recently cleared building site on the Mundesley Road but the highlight of our walk was a buzzard which took off from the site, taking up a look out post on one of the remaining tree stumps. Being able to fly freely, without the trees hampering its flight; the buzzard was probably hunting for its breakfast. Following the tree felling there must be a lot of confused wildlife on this piece of land, who have lost their habitat.

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