Overstrand Life - Janet's Diaries

March 1st - 15th 2012

Saturday 3rd March - Garden up to Date, Sea Marge Hotel Frontage and New Cromer Hospital Opens its Doors

Stating the obvious – It’s March! Time now to look positively forward towards warmer weather; not that we have had a bad winter. It was really just the high winds in November and the snowfall in February followed by icy road surfaces that bought us true wintry conditions; certainly nowhere as severe as the past two years.

Apart from mowing the lawns we are pretty well up to date in the garden and with tomato, peppers and aubergine seeds sown in pots these are now in the propagator and will be keenly watched each day for signs of germination. Spurred by the media reports of a dry season ahead, Peter has been looking into buying another water butt to add to our ‘collection’. The question is where to put it without blocking accesses; we have yet to find an answer but it really does make sense to capture as much rain as we can for watering the garden.

As you can see from the heading; I have a fair bit to cover since my last update on Saturday. Starting with the rain; this commenced on late Sunday morning and continued through into Monday night. It started light and gentle, just what we and the farmers needed but later the rate increased and the winds picked up, whistling round our home and funnelling down the chimney. The wind woke me up on numerous occasions during Sunday night and I lay there listening to hear if anything was blowing round the garden; maybe a fencing panel? Peering out in the morning all was well; no damage. We were excused walking Barney; he prefers not to venture out in conditions such as these, except that is for calls of nature and apart from seeing to the chickens needs and popping up to the village on an errand, we spent Monday indoors.

By the end of the day we could be heard muttering phrases such as ‘how much longer’ and ‘flipping weather’; all directed at the continuing rain and wind. We are just not used to being on the receiving end of such unremitting precipitation in our dry county of Norfolk. All quietened down in the night and after Sunday’s sleep disturbances, I slept like a babe!

Of course we did not waste time during our ‘incarceration’. Peter passed me the details of a website he found for Norfolk Churches. Norfolk has numerous grand and impressive churches; out walking, it is not uncommon to be able to see around four church towers dotted across the countryside, from a single vantage point. I have added the website to the Links page on the button titled ‘Norfolk Churches’. It is really well worth taking a look at the site, there is masses of information, covering not only existing churches but ruins too.

A great improvement in the weather on Tuesday and while I prepared to go to the Overstrand Gardening Club meeting in the afternoon, Peter took Barney down to the beach for a good run along the sands. Later Peter showed me the photo’s he had taken of a dead Harbour Porpoise, washed up on the beach. Harbour Porpoises are not uncommon; we have seen them swimming off the coast but this unfortunate soul had met its end and the two holes in its head posed the question as to whether it could have been shot. The North Norfolk News reported a couple of weeks ago of a dead harbour porpoise found with damage of the type which could have been inflicted by a Killer Whale. In case you wonder why I refer to a Killer Whale; recently one had been seen off Sheringham however, I doubt if a whale could inflict the type of specific holes seen on the body washed up at Overstrand.

Saturday 10th March - Parish Council Meeting and About Spring.

Wednesday 14th March - Grey & Cloudy and Hosepipe Ban

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