Wednesday 22nd May 2013 - Gloves, Indoors, Overstrand Launching Aborted and Waiting for the Weather

I can’t believe that I still need to wear gloves when we walk Barney in the mornings. I am a chilly mortal and that could go towards explaining why but I notice others are still wearing them too, particularly us ladies! They do say cold hands make good pastry, so that’s a positive side to think about. It has hardly been an exciting start to the week and we have ended up, for the most part, doing bits and pieces indoors.

Peter has been making a DVD for my Mum & Dad using a number of the photographs we took at our eldest son’s wedding earlier this month. He has added background music which I think greatly enhances its viewing. I have been working on the photographs we took in 2012. I have finally got round to what has been a time consuming task; reducing the total number from just under 1200 to just over 600. With this complete each file now needs titling before I burn onto a DVD – that should keep me quiet for a few more hours!

Thursday 30th May 2013 - A Taste of Summer, Land & Strand, Overstrand Traffic Strips and Clematises

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