Monday 19th May 2014 - All About 'S' and Casual Vacancy

The past few days have been all about the letter ‘S’. With wonderful Sunshine, those who wanted to be beside the Sea and visited Overstrand, have been able to Sit, Saunter or make Sandcastles on the Sands. It has definitely been a time for Sunhats and for putting on Sun cream too.

On Saturday afternoon we walked along the beach into Cromer to do some light shopping. The town was fairly quiet and we were soon walking back with Barney, who dipped into the pools at the end of the groins for a paddle and a swim. He prefers these areas to the sea even though there were no waves; the sea was just gently lapping back and forth on the sands. In the evening we had a Barbeque and judging from the smells in the garden, others were too.

Friday 23rd May 2014 - Groins or Groynes?, Brown Algae, Rain, Phacelia and Wonderful Individuals

Firstly thanks to regular Overstrand Life visitor (name withheld as I have not asked their permission to quote it) who pointed out my spelling mistake. I have been using the spelling ‘groin’ when it should be ‘groyne’. Here is an extract from my reply which explains why I have not picked up my error and no I am not blaming ‘Word’ but it does go to show programmes are not always correct.

‘I rely on Word to pick out any spelling mistakes and it seems quite happy with 'groin' and checking this on Word's Thesaurus(set to English UK) the definitions of 'groin' are; breakwater, mole, barriers, bulwarks, jetties and projections.

To check further on Word, I typed in 'groynes' and it could not find this spelling and suggested, amongst others, 'groins'.

A further check in our Concise Oxford Dictionary for 'groins' it states 'groin' is a US version of 'groyne'. Then checking 'groyne' in the dictionary, it offers, a timber framework or low broad wall built out from a shore to check erosion of a beach.

One final check on North Norfolk District Council's website on the document they have produced for the Cromer coastal protection and yes it is 'groynes'.’

So, I will now make a conscious effort in future, to type ‘groynes’.

Monday 26th May 2014 - Caught in a Shower, Exhibition at Sidestrand Church and Elderflowers

Saturday morning we got rather wet while walking on the beach. The rain was not particularly heavy but my jacket, which needs re-waterproofing, and our trousers were soaked through and I really would have appreciated Scotty beaming me up the cliff and back home. For the rest of the morning showers were interspersed with periods of sun but by the afternoon we settled into cloud and sun.

We had planned to walk to Sidestrand on Saturday but in view of the weather we postponed this until Sunday which was a perfect day for walking. Over the Bank Holiday weekend there has been an exhibition of local history at Sidestrand church and rather than drive we decided to incorporate this into a circular walk. Sidestrand is such a small village, more of a hamlet really, that it was difficult to imagine there would be much to display but we were impressed by the amount of information presented in folders and as individual items. There were overlaps into Overstrand and Frogshall and much to be learnt about the locality. I hope they have another exhibition at a later date so that we can go back and cover some of the folders we did not have time to see. Before we left we had cups of tea, slice of cake and a sausage roll and then took the field paths up to Hungry Hill. The path is, in parts, starting to get overgrown and for Barney it must have been like walking through a jungle. Everything has had a growth spurt since the rain on Wednesday evening and the cereal crops, with developing ears, looked healthy and lush. From Hungry Hill we walked along the lane into Northrepps, stopping at the Foundry Arms for a drink and crisps (still full from the cake, I could not entertain eating anything more). Our District Councillor, Angie Fitch Tillett was in the pub and when I asked her about the anomaly on the board on the zigzag (dial 999 but the phone has keys with just 1,2 and 3) she told me she was aware and that this will be rectified any day. From Northrepps we returned home via Tolls Hill and in the evening enjoyed a Barbeque in the garden. Peter dug the first root of our early Potatoes which were very tasty and there are sufficient for another meal during the week.

Friday 30th May 2014 - Rain, Cold, Expensive Sweets and The Four P's

Friday morning and at last it has stopped raining. Since Tuesday it would be an understatement to say it has been damp! I don’t think the rain stopped all day on Tuesday; if it did I must have blinked and missed the dry period. There seemed little point in going out, especially as Barney refuses to go ‘walkies’ when it is wet but then he did have to go outside to do what a dog has to do. Apart from me cleaning in the morning we spend most of the day in front of computer/tablet screens. I took the opportunity to continue with my book; I have not written anything for about a couple of weeks and so had to read the last four or so pages to pick up the thread. Amongst other things, Peter played ‘beat the computer’ and thrashed a Scrabble Apps.

Wednesday morning was a little drier and later in the morning I went to our village WI coffee morning. Plenty of socialising, tea, coffee, cakes and I won a jar of mixed sweets. Tipped out at home into a dish for us to pick at as and when we fancy something sweet, I took a toffee to try. Result - trip to the dentist on Thursday for a temporary repair. The toffee stuck to one of my teeth and pulled away the side. I now need a crown – rather an expensive jar of sweets! A better result came from Cate who laid her first egg of 2014. For weeks now she has been ready to lay and while Beckie has laid twenty one eggs this month, Cate has been taking her time and produced just the one.

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