Overstrand Life - Janet's Diaries

May 1st - 15th 2016

Wednesday 4th May 2016 - Warming Up, Garden Project and Fun Dog Show

Sunday 8th May 2016 - Rubbish, Accident on Cromer Road and the Weather

“According to the weather forecast, it’s going to be a good weekend. Shall we go to Overstrand?”
“Great idea. We can take a picnic with us and a box of beers. Not quite got over my cold so I will take plenty of tissues too.”
Several hours later……..
“Well that was a fun day. I do love Overstrand, such a quiet village. Better head back to the car. Now what shall we do with the box with the empty bottles and the remains of the picnic?”
“Pop them in that red bin over there, the one that is for dog bags.”
“That’s filled it up, the lid won’t shut now. Still saved us walking that extra five metres to the general rubbish bin.”
“Right I think we’ve got everything. I’ll just chuck my empty fag packet out the window and we’ll be off. Do you want to throw those tissues out before we go?”
“Will do. No point in taking them back.”

The above is a hypothetical conversation. One which, judging by the litter we found this morning, could have well taken place yesterday. Why do visitors to our village do this? I am not saying village residents are angels, they’re not, but this morning we picked up rubbish left by yesterday’s visitors, relocating the box etc. to the correct bin to make room for dog bags.

Moving on now to a more pleasant subject: the weather. We have really been spoilt over the past week, apart from rain on Monday afternoon and early evening, we have enjoyed sun and warmth. The plants have sprung into growth, the birds are full of song, temperatures have been up to 23°C and orange tip butterflies have been about on the field edges and in our garden. We have even started using sun cream to protect our skin. Our garden project is now complete, leaving some making good to be done and we will need some new plants to fill in gaps. This will mean a trip to the village garden centre for my preferred type of ‘retail therapy’.

The weed that grows on the terraced west sea wall is particularly virulent this year. It is now growing on the steps that lead down to the beach. The weed is very slippery making these steps a potential hazard. One afternoon, last week, when we took Barney on the beach for a run, I witnessed a father with a youngster on his shoulders and a toddler trying to walk up the terraced wall. I warned him of the hazard, the toddler slipped but they still carried on. Was he foolhardy or ignorant – both I think!

On Thursday members of Overstrand Evening WI enjoyed a trip along the coast to Wells-next-Sea to visit Ware Hall House. I first heard about this house a few years ago, when a friend gave me a copy of the book, ‘Miss Savage Moves Her House’. (‘Her House’ being Ware Hall House). May Savage’s house, dates back to the mid 1400’s and was originally located in the town of Ware in Hertfordshire. When the council stated it intended

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