The results of the regional elections for Police and Crime Commissioners have been published, with Stephen Bett, the Independent Candidate winning the election in Norfolk. Prior to the elections, the media were forecasting poor turnouts of voters with an estimate of 15% of the electorate making the effort. They weren’t far off in their estimates; in Norfolk the turnout was 14.51%. I could say, pretty pathetic but as to who is to blame is debatable. I know there were leaflets distributed to households informing them how and where to obtain information about the candidates but I feel there was an element of apathy on the part of the candidates. We received details about one candidate – what happened to the rest? Seems to me both electorate and candidates were equally pathetic - apathy all round!

Scheduled works on the gabions, which help retain the cliff at the back of the promenade, are currently under way. Gabions are metal baskets containing fairly large flints and have been used in layers as part of the Overstrand sea defences. The sea air, storms and high tides have rusted some of the baskets and sections are now being cut away and replaced with new steel mesh. It is interesting that you can buy gabions on e-bay where they are marketed for use in general landscaping for the construction of terracing, raised beds and borders, as well as water features and seating.

I was vacuuming out the laundry room cum winery and brewery on Monday. This is an outbuilding with adjoining workshop and is also used to dry Barney off on his return from the beach or a walk round wet roads and paths. Anyway, I poked the vacuum nozzle down round a corner and ‘scurlump’ - the best way I can describe the noise - as something was sucked up the pipe and got stuck. Vacuum turned off, I dismantled the pipe into sections in the workshop and in a short piece I could see something moving. Ah, a huddle of snails I thought but no, as I knocked the pipe a frog fell out! I like frogs and was so upset, all I could do was stand and say ‘I am so sorry, I am so sorry’. Before I could pick up and put it out into the garden it hopped away under a tool box. Thankfully no damage done but I wonder what it was thinking as it sought refuge away from me and my cleaning activities!

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