Overstrand Life - Janet's Diaries

November 16th - 30th 2016

Thursday 17th November 2016 - Slipper Limpet, Supermoon and WI Meeting

We have had a couple of short walks on the beach in the afternoons, taking advantage of the low tide and strolling on the sands below the promenade. There is usually something of interest to be found on the beach; on Monday it was an empty slipper limpet shell with weed firmly attached to its exterior, looking as though it was part of the creature.

We were keen to see the supermoon after the sun had set on Monday but the sky was cloudy, masking the view. Peter did get a short glimpse, during a cloud break around 10.30p.m. but felt it was not particularly stunning or as large as we were led to believe it would be. I saw the moon on Tuesday and had to agree with Peter that it was nothing to get excited about. The most impressive sight of the moon we have seen has been in the month of September when both the, moon falling in the west and the sun rising in the east, have been visible at the same time.

Sunday 20th November 2016 - Knee, Cutting Back, Christmas Bazaar and Marketing

Peter has been to see our Doctor about his knee. In order to find out exactly what is behind the pain, swelling and restricted movement, the first steps will be an x-ray followed by a scan. In the meantime it’s a case of taking things steadily and waiting for the appointments at the hospital.

On Saturday, I was able to take advantage of a sunny though frosty morning and start cutting back overhanging shrubs and trees. I made good progress but following overnight rain, I will have to wait until the garden dries out before I can complete the task. Later in the morning, I went to the Christmas Bazaar in the village. The three locations, The Barn at the White Horse, The Methodist Church and the Parish Hall were full of stalls selling, preserves, knitted items, fudge, wood products, glass ornaments, prints, cards, Christmas novelties and a whole host more. I heard from one stallholder that they had pretty well sold out in the first hour! Although I did not find anything suitable to buy for presents, I did purchase a couple of items for us.

I have not mentioned recently about progress on writing my next book, a collection of short stories. This is because quite simply, I have not written anything for a few months. Not a case of writers block but I was not about to shut myself indoors during the summer and since the weather has been colder and wetter; I have been concentrating on marketing. This has to be the most time consuming element of self-publishing and there is definitely a lot to learn. At times I have seriously thought of putting this on the ‘back burner’ in favour of carrying on writing. However, I have vowed to continue to the point when Christmas preparations will take precedent.

Thursday 24th November 2016 - In the Garden, Christmas Events and Mundesley Road Development

After a couple of days of winds and rain, Wednesday was pleasant and I was able to get back in the garden to rake up the fallen leaves and finish off the cutting back I started on Saturday. Further winds today have has resulted in more leaves to clear away. Apart from this, life has been very quiet with little going on in the village.

We extended our weekly Cromer shopping trip this morning to Sheringham where the shops in both towns are decorated ready for Christmas. Sheringham pipped Cromer to the post, by turning on their festive street lights on the 18th November. Cromer will turn theirs on at 5.30 p.m on the 3rd December but will there be an alternative Christmas tree this year and if so, I wonder what theme it will follow. Throughout the day there will be a street market and the halls in the town will be open where stall holders will be displaying seasonal treats. Santa will be there too; he will be leaving the pier at 11.15 a.m. and travelling through the town on his sleigh before joining the elves in his grotto in the Parish Hall. He will round off his day by helping to switch on the lights. Just down the coast, Mundesley will be holding their Christmas Fair on the shopper’s car park on 11th December. This starts at 2p.m. and Santa will be here too along with stalls and children’s rides. Not to be outdone, Overstrand have arranged for Santa to come and tour round the village in his boat. During his journey, he will be accompanied by the Overstrand Singers who will be singing seasonal songs. As in previous years, they will start from Ivy Farm and just as soon as I have the start time and stop off points; I will post these on the Village Diary page.

Shortly after we moved to Overstrand and started attending the Parish Council Meetings there was talk about a housing development within the village boundaries. This was something the Parish Council of the time, said would never happen. Well eight years later; it’s happening. Diggers etc. have been busy on the plot adjacent to the Garden Centre on the Mundesley Road, preparing footings for the first phase of forty-two dwellings. Developers, Hopkins Homes have named the development Beech Vale and have recently published the layout, with prices and further information to follow. Anyone who is interested in buying a home on Beech Vale can log their interest on Hopkin’s Homes website.

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