Saturday 23rd November 2019 - Strong Easterly, Aylsham and On a Roll

We may have yet to feel the grips of Jack Frost but it was most certainly cold on Thursday, when a strong easterly blew along the coast. In the afternoon, we took a walk along the promenade, making sure we walked in the Cromer direction, with the wind behind us. There were a couple of photographers behind the revetments at the east end with tripods and cameras capturing the grey seas and skies. I stopped to take a couple of shots and then again when we reached the slipway, where the fishing boats launch, to take some of the waves hitting the sea wall.

By Friday, the wind had dropped. In the morning, we drove to the small market town of Aylsham, where the streets are a good source of independent shops. One in particular, Whites the butchers, doesn’t appear to have changed much through the years, with a kiosk where you pay, solid wood chopping tables, and above all good friendly personal service. Some supermarkets have butchery counters but to my mind the individual shops, such as Whites of Aylsham and

Wednesday 27th November 2019 - Hibernate and The General Election

It has been so dull, grey and damp here; probably the best thing to do is hibernate! Yes, weather like this does provide time for catch-ups indoors but I am beginning to get fed-up with looking out on grey skies, wet roads and paths.

The media is full of the General Election and what the different parties say they will do, IF they get elected. But what if the elected party does not fulfil the changes outlined in their manifesto. Nothing; is the short answer. They will make excuses, siting 'this and that' as to why they were unable to fulfil their strategies, but they will never be held to account for their failures. Maybe this is another good reason to go into hibernation, so as to miss out on all the current political wrangles, promises, discussions and speeches. But no, this is not the attitude to take, we should all vote for whichever candidate and party we feel will lead us forward in the best way possible. It was interesting to hear a television interview with some six form students, who will be voting for the first time on 12th December, as to how they plan to vote. Some were sticking with their preferred party whilst others where favouring a tactical vote.

Anyway enough of all this, I'm off to clean the corners of the shower where, despite wiping dry after use, lime scale builds up - how about that for a bit of excitement!

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