Overstrand Life - Janet's Diaries

October 16th - 31st 2012

Wednesday 17th October - A Variety, Coastal Path Proposal and Overstrands First Responder

Saturday 20th October - Drifting, Missing Dog and Police & Crime Commissioner

I feel a bit as though I have been ‘drifting’ this week. I can’t say I have not achieved anything because however small or even trivial, I have. Keeping on the ‘roll’, see diary entry for last Saturday 13th, cleaning and tidying cupboards, files, sideboards etc. are now finished – I did say some achievements were trivial! Having a very small kitchen, does have its consolations – a lot less cupboards and drawers to wipe out and less ‘out of date’ foods to discover that had either been forgotten or disappeared from view!

Rain, damp and high spring tides have shortened our morning walks, restricting them to just round the village. The dampness has usually cleared by late morning and in the afternoons the temperatures have been in the mid-teens and quite pleasant. A friend who lives in Northrepps lost Hector, one of her two dogs, on Monday afternoon. This was in the Tolls Hill area and we have walked some of the nearby paths and tracks, calling his name and then listening quietly hoping we may hear him or better still see him but unfortunately, despite everyone’s efforts, he remains missing. I have shared a post on Facebook (see link of the Welcome page) with Animal Magic which provides a photograph of Hector and a contact phone number. All we can do is be ever vigilant when out walking and just hope that he will be found.

Polling cards have been delivered this week for the forthcoming election on Thursday 15th November for the new position of a Norfolk Police & Crime Commissioner. I had no idea what this position involves but the website address www.choosemypcc.org.uk , on the bottom of the polling card, provides an element of information. This will not help those who do not have a computer or access to one but it is possible to pre-order printed information about candidates by calling 0800 1 07 07 08 (this is also printed on the polling card). Candidate details, either on the website or pre-printed, will not be available until next Friday 26th October.

Wednesday 24th October - Comfort Foods and Mists

Autumn is the time to bring ‘comfort’ foods back onto the weekly menus and for us this has included mutton, both a slow roast and a casserole with dumplings together with the very last of the runner beans. Without the perishable summer vegetables from Peter’s plot, (those that require eating within a few days, so as to be enjoyed at their freshest and most flavoursome) pasta is also back on the menu. I made a quantity of Bolognese Sauce the other day; we ate some with spaghetti and parmesan cheese while the rest is in the freezer. So as not to waste some of the last of the peppers from the greenhouse, I made pizzas last week, leaving the remaining few long variety for grilling. We are not great pudding eaters but home grown gooseberries from the freezer, topped with a crumble mix and served with homemade Vanilla Ice-Cream provided a good complement to follow the slow roast mutton on Sunday. Yes, it is sad now the beans, courgettes etc. have finished but a change has also been welcomed and there are still those reminders of summer to enjoy from the freezer.

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