Saturday 20th October 2018 – Warm & Sunny and Plenty Going On.

Thursday 25th October 2018 – That's it until the Spring and SNAP Meeting

Just a few more things to do in the garden and then apart for continuing to clear the leaves as they fall then that’s it until the spring. As one or our roses, Birthday Girl, is still in flower with buds to follow I have resisted cutting it back however, I have trimmed other plants that were starting to look untidy and past their best. The next job is to put the contents of the grow bags from the greenhouse onto the flower boarders to help enrich the soil. We have still have peppers in the greenhouse plus there is one remaining tomato plant on the vegetable plot, although I doubt now whether the sun will be strong enough to ripen the green fruits. Now most of the summer vegetables have pretty well finished, it won’t be long before we start eating the leeks on Peter’s vegetable plot and start buying vegetables from the greengrocer, to supplement those in the freezer. I am already starting to change what I am cooking, moving from summer to winter recipes. Once again pasta and rice will start to feature on our menus either as part of a dish or to complement curries etc.

Monday 29th October 2018 – Wet & Windy, Indoors and The Belfry Centre

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