Overstrand Life - Janet's Diaries

September 16th-30th 2010

Friday 17th September - Fruits, the W.I. and a Temporary Closure

Tuesday 21st September - Elderberries and a Trip to Norwich

We went Elderberry picking on Friday afternoon, returning with a carrier bag full of juicy purple berries. Peter sat outside in the sunshine on Saturday morning stripping the berries from the stalks, five pounds in all, enough to make a delicious deep red port like wine, which if lasts year’s is anything to go by, will be full bodied and quite luscious.

Sunday threatened showers but did not stop Peter pulling out the row of runner beans which suffered the worst in the August winds, our second row is reviving and starting to produce again and the wigwam continues to provide sufficient for our needs. Our second row of carrots have been a disaster, carrot root fly have ruined them, only one place for them, the compost heap, next year we will try a variety called ‘Flyaway’ which as the name suggests is supposed to be resistant to root fly. I picked the last of the pears, some we have tried have been mushy in the middle, not that the chickens complained and a bunch of oregano is now hanging in the greenhouse to dry.

The forecast for Monday was pretty well the same as Sunday, showers, this seemed an ideal opportunity to go clothes shopping in Norwich. As it was, by the time we arrived in the city the sun was shining, a warm 20°C. We got pretty well all we wanted, the rest we can order on the internet. We found the shops stuffy, I can’t imagine working is such stifling conditions but maybe it is just us, now we live on the coast where the air is clear and fresh. Norwich is a delightful city not just a place for shopping, there are plenty of attractions and a very pleasant riverside walk, which we followed earlier this year, in June.

Woodland & Field Fungi

Tuesday 28th September - Inconvenience and Family Addition

Overstrand public toilets, located in the Car Park on Pauls Lane, in the village have been closed since the 20th of this month, due for re-opening on the 7th October. Part of the North Norfolk District Council 2010 policy is to refurbish public toilets in the area, bringing them up to the Disabled Discrimination Act standards, details are available on www.northnorfolk.org/streets/640asp . It is a pity that all three toilets (Ladies, Gents and Disabled) have been closed at the same time and that the work was not scheduled to ensure that at least one toilet remained open. We were stopped and asked whether there was another public toilet in the village, no the nearest are in Cromer, a real inconvenience for cliff top walkers and the parties of children who congregate in the car park before and after their geography field trips.

I won’t dwell on the weather, suffice to say we had wind and rain showers (some horizontal) all day Friday through to Monday, only today, Tuesday have we had a good day.

Sunday was the annual F.A.I.T.H. charity walk. F.A.I.T.H. is an animal rescue centre, (see the Links page for their website) located on the edge of the Broads at Hickling, this is where we adopted our dog Barney from a year ago. The F.A.I.T.H charity has very strong policies, particularly on neutering, which can be read on their website along with tips on animal care, details of cats and dogs available for adoption etc. The centre is not all about just cats and dogs; in addition they have a variety of small mammals, cockerels, horses, sheep, pigs etc., not all for adoption, some, for varying reasons, have made their permanent home at the centre. F.A.I.T.H.’s website and centre are both well worth a visit. Back to the walk on Sunday, the showers had eased by the time we arrived ready for the 2 o’clock start and we set off along the muddy lanes, across footpaths and through a farmyard before skirting the broads and returning along more muddy lanes, a total contrast to last year when it was dry and sunny. A few light showers enroute, we considered ourselves lucky as we returned to the centre for welcoming refreshments, it was only then, sitting under the gazebo with a cup of tea, munching a kit kat that the rain started with purpose.

We have been considering getting an ‘apprentice’ for our geriatric cat Tim, so he can hand over his responsibilities to a younger feline and enjoy a well-earned retirement. After tea we walked round the cat house area, I was drawn to a female tabby, very friendly and confident but being so busy with the walk, now was not a good time to make further enquiries. Despite the weather it had been a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon; about 100 people in all completed the walk, either with their own dogs or with one from F.A.I.T.H.’s kennels. Back at the car, Barney very muddy underneath from the walk was wrapped in a travel blanket for the journey home, this was followed by a good clean up and of course his well-earned dinner.

After thought and consideration on Sunday evening, we returned to F.A.I.T.H. on Monday morning and spent time with the tabby cat and decided, yes, we would like to adopt her. As we had

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