At this month’s Gardening Club meeting, Simon Harrap spoke on the subject of Wild Flowers. Simon centred his talk on three specific areas in Norfolk, using photographs to illustrate. I particularly appreciated the information and descriptors covering the flowers in our own coastal location. At the end of the meeting, I could not resist purchasing his comprehensive book published in June this year and titled Harrap’s Wild Flowers. The book provides details and photographs of 934 wild flowers found in Britain and Ireland and with this I should never have any difficulties identifying wayside flowers.

On the subject of books, if anyone is interested, my book ‘The 3R’s – Recipes, Reflections and Reminiscences is now available to borrow from the Norfolk Lending Llibrary and is currently on the shelves in Cromer .

Regular readers of My Diaries will know that Peter and I attend the monthly Parish Council Meetings and will also be aware of Peter’s concerns regarding speeding along the Cromer & Mundesley Roads. Last month Peter spoke to PCSO Elaine Roberts at the Police Monthly Surgeries held in the village. During the conversation it was indicated that Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) had a positive effect in reducing speeds. On this basis Peter wrote to our Parish Clerk, Mrs Joan Mapperley, requesting the inclusion of an Agenda item whereby these signs and possible funding could be discussed and this was duly included on the September Parish Council Meeting Agenda. Peter prepared a short factual presentation for the Councillors, that he could read and distribute during the adjournment of the meeting for ‘any reports from the County Councillor and the District Councillor, and for public participation’. Readers need to be aware that the adjournment period is the only part of the meeting when the public are allowed to speak and then only on current Agenda items. When it came to the adjournment, Parish Councillor Gordon Partridge refused Peter’s right to speak, this was re-enforced by the Chair, Audrey Brittlebank. However, it was the period for public participation and they relented but what followed was unabashed rudeness. Parishioners should be treated with respect but I did not see one Parish Councillor who appeared to be listening or showed any interest or read Peter’s hand-out presentation and at one point, he was stopped by the Chair, Cllr Audrey Brittlebank. When the item came under discussion there was what I can only term as general disinterest, prevarication and the effectiveness of VAS’s was on the whole discounted. Thirty other Parish Councils have applied for VAS’s under the Parish Partnership funding scheme, twenty-eight of which were successful and will have VAS’s. Even though we have a school on the Cromer Road this appears to count for nought. I commend those thirty other Parish Councils who are obviously concerned about their villages and their Parishioners safety and have taken action to try to reduce the risk of vehicle speeding.

We have received notification that the Planning Application to build ten new homes in Hillingdon Park has been withdrawn. Considerable concerns were expressed about this proposed development with particular regard to the type of build, the removal of trees and drainage. With outline permission granted in 1966 it is possible that a further application will be submitted to NNDC in the future. However, taking the above concerns into consideration, these should be more sympathetic to the surroundings.

Friday 13th September 2013 - Death of a Former Employer, More on Vehicle Activated Signs, Aftermath of the Winds and Summer's Swan Song

Tuesday’s winds carried on into Wednesday morning leaving the beach scoured of most of the sand so many have enjoyed this summer. The fishing boats were bought up to safety; halfway up the zigzag and the promenade is littered with seaweed, deposited by the high seas. There is also a fair amount of flotsam and jetsam on the tide line in the Cromer direction and the numbers of exposed flints towards the top of the beach makes for rough walking.

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